Fitness Kickboxing at Sponseller's

There is no fitness class like this in Michiana. Grand Master Sponseller and his instructors teach a variety of techniques such as: Muy Thai, boxing, kickboxing, and even some modern MMA techniques. There is no sparring in this class, no contact, just a great workout.

Benefits: You will burn between 600 and 1,000 calories, burn fat, tone muscles, build strength and learn kickboxing for fitness and self-defense from Grand Master Sponseller and other high ranking black belts with many years of experience.

Equipment: heavy bags, air shields, focus mitts, jump rope, medicine balls, and soon to come speed bags and double end balls. And more!

Class components: stretching, lots of abs, boxing and kickboxing techniques, push ups, jump rope, plyometrics, and many unique exercises.

Gloves: We loan gloves for your first 2 classes, after that you must provide your own. We sell the highest quality gloves for the best price.

(cash or check only please)
Drop-In: $7 per class

Class Schedule

South Bend Tribune Reader's Choice 6 Time Favortie Martial Arts School