Martial Arts Classes at Sponseller's

Martial arts classes are great for anyone at any age. Traditionally, martial arts have helped people develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle, develop self-defense skills, and learn a positive philosophy. Grand Master Sponseller feels very strongly about the positive benefits of martial arts, "It changed my life and it can change anyone's life." As students grow, develop and learn they are empowered to live a positive, successful lifestyle. Self-esteem, self-confidence, respect, integrity, humility and all positive life skills are enhanced. Our classes are so much more than punching, kicking and blocking.

All new students start in the beginners classes learning basic techniques and classroom etiquette, as well as our rules of the school. From day one, students are members and representatives of the school, the instructors, and of martial arts in general. The expectations are defined and reinforced regularly.

For Master Sponseller, martial arts is a lifestyle. He hopes to instill the same life skills and help all students develop the same approach to this lifestyle. "Rising tides lift all." Imagine our community if all people studied and developed the positive life skills that martial arts offer.

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We enroll children as young as 5 years of age. 4 year olds are welcome to do trial classes—some can join classes, while others just aren't ready yet. Master Sponseller has a special way of teaching children. The classes for them are not hard core, boot camp, traditional martial arts. They are fun and exciting, and use a variety of props such as: foam balls and tubes, hula hoops, jump ropes and obstacle courses, etc. We love kids at Sponseller's. We have a unique approach to teaching positive philosophy to kids on a level they can understand with regular worksheets, take home lessons, weekly talk topics and more.

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