Look at what people are saying about us!

"Jerry has years of experience and he's generous and passionate about passing that on to his students- many who have become excellent instructors themselves. There is no one better in the Michiana area to study martial arts under."
-- Katie Licini

"Before Sponseller's, my son always lacked self confidence. The individual instruction, in a fun, but disciplined environment has given my son the values and leadership qualities to succeed in everything he pursues."
-- Christina Mitchell Wilson

"Master Sponseller is that, a Master. We look forward to the killer workout as well as the comfortable atmosphere he creates."

-- Jim and Della Dewald

"I had thought about doing kickboxing for several years, but the unexpected was too daunting for me. When I finally mustered up the courage to walk through the doors and try it, I was amazed at how nice everyone was and how great of a workout it is. I was immediately hooked! Iíve been a regular attendee for a little over a year. Itís fun and it seems like every workout is a little different so it doesnít get old like some workouts do. If you are thinking about trying it, just do it. Remember, everyone in the room was new at some point!!! "

-- Colleen Hahn
"After moving to the area I was looking for a kickboxing class that was a reasonable cost and came across Sponsellers. I decided to go give it a try. I had never taken a kickboxing class before. The class was great!! The instructors are very helpful, teaching you the right technique. They are also supportive and motivational!! I have so much fun in the classes, no two classes are the same. It's been well over a year and I still keep going back! The class is also affordable!!"
-- Kelly Zirille

"I have been kickboxing close to 8 years now and those kb clases have been the best thing to help my fitness life. I was boring of the elliptical and treadmill and finding excuses to not work out. Instead now I really look forward to each class. One, I know it will be a great workout mixing aerobics and anaerobics. Two every class session is different, so despite hard work classes move by quickly. Third it is really a great feeling to lay a punch and kick on something that you can't hurt (and doesn't hit back). I try to make at least three classes a week, 4 would be ideal, but the classes are strenuous so I need a day on between to recover. The instructors are very skilled in kickboxing and really focus on improving technique, as well as incorporate some self defense as well. What else can I say? Kickboxing is one of the best parts of my week, and I hope my 50 year old body will let me continue for at least another decade (or two!)"

-- Jeff McGowan